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A4 with a label:
  Item no 8001: A4, label 85x54 top right.
  Item no 8002: A4, label 95x65 top right.
  Item no 8003: A4, label 100x75 top right.
  Item no 8013: A4, label 70x25 top right.
  Item no 8019: A4, label 70x30 top right.
  Item no 8024: A4, label 75x50 top right.
  Item no 8004: A4, label 80x45 top left.
  Item no 8008: A4, label 85x54 top left
  Item no 8030: A4, label 85x54 top left.
  Item no 8014: A4, label 55x35 top left.
  Item no 8023: A4, label 114x83 top left.
  Item no 8025: A4, label 100x45 top left.
  Item no 8027: A4, label 140x60 top left.
  Item no 8028: A4, label 105x148.5 top left.
  Item no 8040: A4, label 155x102 foot left.
  Item no 8010: A4, label 180x120 foot center.
  Item no 8050: A4, label 180x100 foot center.
  Item no 8012: A4, label 198x110 foot center.
  Item no 8029: A4, label 210x149 foot center.

A4 with multiple labels:
  Item no 8007: A4, 2 labels à 80x40 top center
  Item no 8018: A4, label 40x60 foot right, 2 single labels.
  Item no 8011: A4, label 88x53 foot left, 4 single labels.
  Item no 8017: A4, label 188x39 foot center, 4 single labels.
  Item no 8035: A4, label 160x48 foot left, 4 single labels.
  Item no 8039: A4, 4 labels à 105x148, 4 single labels.
  Item no 8022: A4, label 190x30 foot center, in 12 single labels.

A5 with label:
  Item no 8009: A5, label 144x35 top center.
  Item no 8016: A5, label 60x30 top right.


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