Purchase invoice paper at a low price for process-optimized shipping

Clever shipping with invoice paper from cleverpaper.de!

Invoice paper with integrated label is the ideal method to support your shipping process with your customers.

Take advantage of the many benefits of the invoice paper with label:

  1. Cost and time saving for each sender!
  2. The shipping label is integrated in DIN A4 paper
  3. Easy removal of the label
  4. Printing with any commercially available laser or inkjet printer
  5. Printing of invoice, delivery note, shipping label all at once: inconvenient manual assignment is not required.

Would you like to have your logo and contact information preprinted in color? Do you need other label sizes or positions on the paper?
We would be happy to provide you with a customized offer.


Shipping process made easy!

How does the invoice paper with the integrated label work exactly?